Brass Magical Protection Eye Bracelet

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This pendant is hand cast in brass, and carved by me. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and has a lovely buttery yellow color. There may be mold lines or an air bubble, these are not flaws, but hallmarks of a hand cast item.

This pendant has a nice weight to it, with rounded edges and a soft finish. To maintain the satin finish, you can use a brass brush to remove any unwanted shininess that occurs while wearing. Or a pro polishing pad works well.

This brass pendant is handcarved from wax, then cast using the lost wax casting method. All metals, with the exception of gold, change over time and exposure to the elements, this piece will change as its worn, gaining shiny spots from cloth rubbing, or darkening from being in the shower.

The stones are tiger eye as a stretch bracelet.

Note: All of our items are hand crafted from the finest materials available. It is our wish to create goods that will last several lifetimes and be cherished by our great grand kids! Also be aware that each piece is made by hand, meaning little differences may occur, like a tiny air bubble or seam line may be visible. These variances should not be viewed as flaws, but as evidence they are a handmade product.Thanks for looking!