Bronze Crow and Skull Coin Pendant

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I love hearing stories about crows and ravens, any bird in the corvid family. They are so smart! They have ways of communicating with each other, knowledge that is passed between them to warn others of danger, or food sources, or even humans to avoid. They’ve been documented using tools (like dropping nuts at a stoplight, so the car would roll over the nuts, cracking them, but also be stopped so they could retrieve the nuts after they are cracked. They have a long history in folklore and fairy tales of being the wisest of creatures. A huge raven was one of the forms the goddess of war, the Morrigan would take. Odin had talking spy ravens. There are also stories of crows delivering little gifts to people who feed them.

They are wonderful and mysterious birds! This one perches on an old skull, carrying a key in its beak. Two symbols, the skull a reminder of mortality and the key a symbol of opening doors and opportunity.

This handmade bronze coin is a magical-looking piece that will look amazing with a variety of beads, or simply strung on ribbon. Its made of pure bronze, from a hand carved mold. The pendant features hallmarks of a handmade item: fingerprints impressed into the back, little cracks and crevaces - not defects, but marks left to replicate ancient artifacts.

The piece measures approximately a little over an inch across. This item is very limited and wholesale is not available. This is for one pendant. Thank you for stopping by!