Bronze Little Crow Pendant Coin

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Crows are interesting creatures. One of the most intelligent animals, they've been known to use tools, like waiting over a stoplight to drop nuts so that cars would run over the nuts, cracking them open. There are many legends surrounding this distinct bird, mostly about its cleverness. This little coin has lots of detail, with feathers and grass and a flower or two.

This pendant is made one at a time from bronze and features a nut brown patina, sealed with archival waxes.

Note: All of our items are hand crafted from the finest materials available. It is our wish to create goods that will last several lifetimes and be cherished by our great grand kids! Also be aware that each piece is made by hand, meaning little differences may occur, like a tiny air bubble, finger prints, cracks or seam line may be visible. These variances should not be viewed as flaws, but as evidence they are a handmade product.

This piece measures 21mm wide. Thanks for looking!