Bronze Magical Phoenix Pendant

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This bronze coin pendant was hand carved using traditional methods, that date back to ancient times. I love carving and this one was a particular joy. It’s such amazing alchemy to turn a tiny piece of wax into a silver piece! It’s especially satisfying when the object resembles the ancient pieces that inspired its creation. Sometimes I make these coins imagining them as the currency of a lost time, or other realm.

This piece has a nice weight to it and would look great on a simple chain or strung with gemstones.

This piece was carved from wax by me and cast using the lost wax casting method by my husband, Greg. It's cast in bronze and hand polished to a high shine. To keep the finish on this piece the same, lightly polish with wax, or spray it with varnish. I don't mind the color shifts that happen on real bronze, I just polish it again with a cloth and admire its new, shiny patina.

This piece measures about 1” across. This listing is for one piece.
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