Bronze Ship and Narwhal Coin Pendant

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I took my daughter to see LP ( a talented musician) and noticed she had a beautiful tattoo of a ship on her chest. I couldn’t see the whole thing, but what I could see sparked my interest in antique ships. That led to hours of pleasant research, drawing and sketching with Pirates of the Caribbean on in the background. I carved this piece imagining a moonlit night, a waxing moon surrounded by a galaxy of stars and a playful narwhal watching from a distance.

This handmade bronze coin is a magical-looking piece that will look amazing with a variety of beads, or simply strung on ribbon. Its made of pure bronze, from a hand carved mold. The pendant features hallmarks of a handmade item: fingerprints impressed into the back, little cracks and crevaces - not defects, but marks left to replicate ancient artifacts.

The piece measures approximately a little over an inch across. This item is very limited and wholesale is not available. This is for one pendant. Thank you for stopping by!