Bronze Witch and Fox Coin Pendant

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I carved this piece while listening to the podcast Lore, an episode about a woman accused of witchcraft because she knew about herbs and healing plants. I thought about women today and how ‘there’s a little bit of a witch in every woman’ according the movie Practical Magic. I think there’s some element of magic within each of us, that spark that makes us unique. Anyway, I really enjoyed making this piece, I think the details are easily readable and it has a great feel to it. I think it would look great on a delicate strand of 4mm beads, or as part of a charm bundle.

This pendant is made of pure bronze, from a hand carved mold. The pendant features hallmarks of a handmade item: fingerprints impressed into the back, little cracks and crevaces - not defects, but marks left to replicate ancient coins.

Note: All of our items are hand crafted from the finest materials available. It is our wish to create goods that will last several lifetimes and be cherished by our great grand kids! Also be aware that each piece is made by hand, meaning little differences may occur, like a tiny air bubble or seam line may be visible. These variances should not be viewed as flaws, but as evidence they are a handmade product.

This piece measures about an inch tall and a little less than an inch wide. Thanks for looking!