Dreamy Clouds of Salem

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This dreamy labradorite kit is really packed full. From selenite to black labradorite, pewter to perfect clear quartz, this is one of our favorites yet.


black small labradorite  (10) 

czech glass cylinders (6)

black large labradorite (2) 

selenite (4)

clear quartz rounds (7)

clear quartz disc  (9) 

blue glass round 4mm (10)

silver round  (1)

large coated labradorite (4)

cube glass (52)

small round labradorite  (13)

small faceted coated labradorite  (20)

faceted pink glass strand  (1per kit)

faceted rainbow glass strand  (1 per kit)

MFP93S pewter spacers (x10)

pewter dream ring (1 per kit)

pewter arrow clasp (x1)

pewter crystal cave link (x1)

crystal orbits (15)

grey crystal rounds (13)

tiny grey zircons (half strand each) 

hematite chips