Pewter Bee Heart Button

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I love the symbolism of bees! Productivity and hard work, set on a honeycomb heart. It’s pretty cute. This one has been in the works for ages! I’d scrape on it occasionally, but it took so long to make the hexagon pattern! Geometric patterns in wax can be challenging.

This button would look nice on a hand knit sweater or as the clasp to a leather and thread wrap bracelet.

This pendant is just over 3/4” tall and 7/8ths across. This listing is for one piece.

This piece will be cast in fine pewter and we don’t use anything toxic like lead, zinc or nickel. We cast out of our home studio, alloy our own metals and use the finest materials available.

Note: All of our items are hand crafted from the finest materials available. It is our wish to create goods that will last several lifetimes and be cherished by our great grand kids! Also be aware that each piece is made by hand, meaning little differences may occur, like a tiny air bubble or seam line may be visible. These variances should not be viewed as flaws, but as evidence they are a handmade product.