Pewter Unicorn Pendant

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I have had a long love affair with unicorns. Ever since I watched The Last Unicorn, I’ve been entranced with the idea of them. I went to see the unicorn tapestries in NY and stood admiring the girl with a unicorn painting in Florence, Italy. It’s a wonderful little surprise to see one printed on fabric or to see one carved into an old door. These symbols of pure magic seem to appeal to ages. The blessing ‘May the spark of magic follow you always’ is carved into the back. I liked the idea of a person looking at the pendant and flipping it over to read the message and feeling a little frisson of magic and wondering if they were holding a lucky object. The red wax in the video is to show a part of the process and some of details. It’s the actual carving or ‘master’ that molds will be made from. You will receive a fine pewter amulet.

We cast in our home studio and never use anything toxic or bad for the environment like lead, zinc or nickel ( as we live and work in the same place and I don’t want to use anything that will make us sick). We alloy our own metals and use the best materials available.

I’m so excited for this piece! Imagine it painted with Vintaj patinas, or lightly brushed to a satin finish to string with rainbow crystals.
It measures 2” long by 1 1/4” wide.