Twilight in the Unicorn Forest

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This is a dreamy blend of beads! Check out that hard sparkle of corundum! Sapphires and rubíes are essentially the same, with a hardness of 9 on the mohs scale ( just different colors!). These 4 mm faceted beads are great quality, big holes and good colors. The lavender tanzanite is fantastic, a lil larger at 5mm with a beautiful delicate color and very sparkly. There’s a cool strand of 3 mm glass cubes in an opalescent grey that goes with everything and looks neat held up to the light! There’s a mini strand of 5 mm rainbow vintage faceted glass, that has an Aurora borealis finish. I love the fumed 5.5 mm faceted labradorite beads! They are a pale fog color with a neat finish that is reminiscent of a soap bubble. There are also some vintage crystal dangles in a sparkly bluish purple color. Lastly, there’s a 22 mm brass unicorn pendant that I carved last year to add to the magic. This is a pretty nice set of beads that would add some magic to your collection, especially if added up this would retail around $85! I only had enough of everything to make 10 kits, so when they sell out, that’s it.