Woodland Creatures Coin Pendant

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This is a scene of forest animals sharing a moment under the moon. The other night, the moon seemed huge above the mountains here in Asheville and I imagined animals frolicking under that silvery light. I live in a wooded area, with bears, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, owls and so many kinds of birds. The woods around these mountains are ancient and so beautiful. This piece would be wonderful for anyone interested in nature or animals.


This handmade bronze coin is a magical-looking piece that will look amazing with a variety of beads, or simply strung on ribbon. Its made of pure bronze, from a hand carved mold. The pendant features hallmarks of a handmade item: fingerprints impressed into the back, little cracks and crevaces - not defects, but marks left to replicate ancient artifacts.

The piece measures approximately a little over an inch across. This item is very limited and wholesale is not available. This is for one pendant. Thank you for stopping by!